Signode Hong Kong Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signode Industrial Group, the leading industrial packaging company in the World. Signode is a multi-national packaging specialist with 90 years experience in the research and development, production, sales and marketing, and service support of the packaging equipment and materials. In addition, almost all our plants are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified.

Signode Hong Kong Ltd. is responsible for the valuable customers in China (includes Hong Kong and Macau).

We supply packaging tools, equipment, materials and after-sales service which include:

Steel Strapping Systems:
- Steel rolls/plates strapping machines
- Paper and brick strapping machines
- Tobacco leaves strapping machines
- Strapping tools (manual, combination, and pneumatic)
- High quality steel strapping, seals, dispenser, cutters, and _accessories

Plastic Strapping Systems:
- Can/bottle strapping machines
- Newspaper/magazine bundling machines
- Tobacco strapping machines
- Pallet load Strapping tools and machines
- Strapping tools (manual, fully electric, battery-operated, and pneumatic)
- High quality plastic strapping (PP and PET), seals, dispenser, and accessories

Carton Sealing Systems & OPP Tapes:
- Adjustable type carton sealing machines
- Random type carton sealing machines
- Case erectors
- All sizes of OPP tapes
- User defines LOGO tapes

Stretch Wrapping Systems:
- Semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping machines (turn-table, overhead, and ring types)
- Long section stretch bundler e.g. extruded aluminum sections, window frames, textile rolls
- Hand wrapping holders and accessories
- High quality stretch film for machines and hand use

Protective Packaging Materials:
- Angle protectors
- Airbags
- Slipsheet (an economical alternative to pallets)

Other Packaging Systems:
- Case and tray packing machines
- Ink jet printers
- Stapling system for carton and wooden case
- Shrink packaging systems
- Other automatic packaging lines and systems



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